Ford Unveils New Lightweight Concept Car

This year, Ford has created a concept car unlike any other and it’s an idea that is innovative and sure to catch on.

It’s no secret that the average vehicle is very heavy. After all, they are loaded with huge amounts of metal, plastic and rubber that combine to weigh more than a ton in many cases. Some experts feel that the heft of a car contributes to its safety, but the other side of the coin says otherwise.

Now, Ford has created a new concept car that is much lighter in weight than even the vehicles that top the list of lightest in weight. The creators of the Ford vehicle worked to pare down the materials used to create the car so that it weighs less and performs better. The body of the car is constructed of steel and aluminum while the interior of the car replaces steel with a carbon composite material, according to the experts at Motor Trend magazine. In addition, many of the under-the-hood elements have been refined so they weigh less and work better. The chassis has also been overhauled so that it doesn’t weigh the vehicle down.

Choosing a lighter weight vehicle, such as this Ford concept car, is beneficial for drivers for many reasons. For one, the lighter pound load maximizes the fuel efficiency of the car so that less fuel is needed to operate it. This can save buyers a lot of money in the cost of gas over the years that they drive the car. In addition, lighter weight cars seem to perform better on some road tests. Those reasons combined create a car that is more affordable and reliable for the average driver, and the Ford name makes buyers confident in the product they are getting.

Ford isn’t the only car manufacturer working to create lighter weight cars. Jaguar, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Nissan, BMW and Subaru are among the manufacturers with the lightest weight cars on the market, according to the experts. While they do rank well on the list, the new Ford concept model is one that is even lighter in weight than these top ranked cars. It is not available for road driving at the current time, but it’s probably a concept that will be hitting the market in the near future, as the entire idea is exciting to car experts and drivers alike.

Likewise, Ford isn’t the only company introducing concept cars on a yearly basis. That list includes Lincoln, Chevrolet, Porsche and Aston Martin in 2014. While some of them are slated for release in coming years, many are simply ideas that need more work before they can be sold on the new car market. That means that car buyers might have to wait several years before Ford’s new lightweight concept will be available for purchase. But once it hits the market, it’s sure to be a popular idea that will entice many buyers to purchase.